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Flowers for those very special days


Each wedding is so unique, that we do not like to generalize or say "what we usually do".

 Planning with 'you' personally, is preferable (even if you are using a party planner) as we need to find from 'yourselves' how we can make this your unique and beautiful occasion. Laura, (Blossom with Laura) has 40 years experience in working in the wedding industry, worldwide, and that is called on to give honest advice, guidance and suggestions about all aspects of the day/weekend, working with you to achieve the wedding and ambience that you desire within your budget.

Once your "hold the date" deposit has been have the sole attention, no other weddings or events will be undertaken on that date.

Laura's wedding floral service is personal, friendly and attentive and she will be your point of contact personally if needed.

Decorations for the ceremony, dining and celebration to suit your theme,colours or special requests are created to 'enhance and compliment' your chosen venue. Bridal bouquets, buttonholes etc. will be designed with you and your style in mind.

Laura has a collection of props, glassware,candleabra etc. she loves to use original French vessels but this is not obligatory .


to start the discussion....

in the meantime, take a look at the about page on this website and Laura's 'footprint'.

Some suggestions

Party Planners                                     
Wedding Venue                                     

Make up                                                 



Parties (private and corporate), Film,TV, etc. 

design,installation and clearing.

Please email to start the discussion

Go to Laura's footprints on the 'About' page.

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